My idea is to offer to the plant lovers a series of items of botanical interest and value in form of prints and photos.
Also, as I am very fascinated about the ever-changing light, especially when it's filtered by mist or fog, or it's just finding it's way at dawn or giving displays on watery surfaces, sometimes for a fraction of time only - all this is absolutely, enormously fulfilling to experience and capture - there will be some photos available that bring out this aspect too.

I am very priviledged to be able to stop the time by pressing the shutter and dwell in the moment that passed by for ever.


POSTCARDS & POSTERS are printed on a very high quality printing paper MultiArt Silk with a wonderful glossy sheen that brings out the colours to the fullest.The paper used is the same on both products differing in thickness only, for postcards it is 300 g/m2 and for posters 170 g/m2.
The printing is done by the professionals at Kopijyvä Oy / Kouvola. I thank you all at Kopijyvä for the outstanding work!

Postcards are folded and blank for you to fill in your own individual way - or leave them as they are and slip a note inbetween.
Postcards come with an envelope.

Posters are a nice way to liven up any space. They are more affordable than photos but not as long lasting, although if mounted and protected from sunlight will look good for a considerable length of time.

PHOTOGRAPHS come out in two sizes: A4 (20x30) and A3 (30x40).

Consider A4-sizes for smaller spaces like studies, libraries, hallways, corridors, even kitchens - a series of onions (Allium) would be very appropriate in a kitchen! If generously mounted they'll fill a bigger wall too.
With A3-sized photos you can decorate larger walls and spaces, especially with a tasteful, suitable mount. Enough room around a photo is also essential to get the impact wanted.

Instead of straight modern non-figurative photography I'm partial towards phenomena around me, so it will show in my choices of photos too.
Note - if you like some photo that is not for sale yet, please let me know.

The paper used is Kodak Royal Digital, glossy, archival qualities over 100 years.
The printing is done in a quality photo lab, thus allow 5-10 days for delivery.


All products are packaged carefully to avoid any damages whatsoever during handling of mail.

The posters will arrive in mailing tubes, the photos secured with protective cardboard in shock absorbing envelopes.

Postcards and posters are in stock and available immediately after receiving your order and transaction of funds, for photos allow 5-10 days for delivery.


Order value € / postage fee €
4-29 / 1
30-40 / 1.50
41-100 / 2
101- / It's on the house!

You can choose either by credit card or a bank transfer.
- Credit card: you'll be guided through the process by PayPal, a very reputable system used world wide.
- Bank: use the info given below and send in your order through the Contact form or e-mail.
LENANEN.COM (reg: 2062194-Y; Leena Härkönen, Finland)
OPbank: 501606-232616
IBAN: FI6750160620032616


Please do not hesitate to get in touch. Use the Contact form on the Menu bar or write an e-mail using the address given. I and Photium will do our best to help you out.

I am certain that you'll find the items very satisfactory. However you are at liberty to return your purchase without any obligations and regain your funds. All such action should take place within 14 days from the arrival of items ordered.