Over 400.000 visits! Thank You!!

02nd January 2010

Over 400.000 visits since May 2006 and over 10.000 visits since December the 9th 2009.

I can't Thank You enough.

Although photography for me is fulfillment in itself, You dear visitors and viewers are my treasure, a constant source of inspiration and joy. I in turn try to produce images worth Your precious time.

Coming up this year 2010:

- As You might have already noticed, some images are now 700 or 800 pixels in size and I intend to replace as many of the existing size 600 pix. images as possible with larger ones during the year. I sincerely hope this doesn't cause problems to any of You.

- Photium my site host will add a new, exciting blog-feature at some time this year. I'm really thrilled about this!

- Links and personal data need updating and freshening up. Will happen!