Over 200.000 visits! Thank you!!

17th June 2008

Over 200.000 visits since May 2006 and over 10.000 visits since May the 23rd 2008.

I thank You all from the bottom of my heart. Little did I know in May 2006, when I put the very first photos up on the site ...
I love photography for what it is and I do it simply because I need to do it, just like I need the air that I breathe. I would photograph even if You weren't looking at the results ;D but it sure gives a wonderful feeling that You are.

It's only proper that the Celebration Flower on the home page is a Paeonia suffruticosa hybrid, still quite a rare plant in the gardens and to see it in bloom is a reason for celebration in itself. The photo has been taken with the Pentax FA 31mm Limited lens - yes, the legendary, the mythical, the grand. It is undisputedly one of the very best lenses ever made. Few lenses there are that are it's equals yes but none that surpasses it. Thank you Pentax.

I hope You have enjoyed Your visit/s so far and I hope to be able to produce more to look at also in the days to come.

One more time - Thank You all !!